This week read about Kumi Yokoyama accusing Japan of "lagging behind" on LGBT rights, and Sounds of Australia inducting a gay and lesbian radio station.

Trans Footballer Opens Up On Japan’s LGBT Rights

Kumi Yokoyama, a trans footballer, has accused Japan of "lagging behind the rest of the globe" in terms of LGBT concerns and rights.

According to PinkNews, Yokoyama came out as a trans man in public, making him the most high-profile athlete in Japan to do so.

President Joe Biden hailed Yokoyama and Las Vegas Raiders player Carl Nassib for their "courage" when they were made public.

He was not shocked, however, that then-Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga did not make a comparable declaration, he added.

Yokoyama claimed it was "natural" for Suga "to remain silent," and that Japan is "lagging behind the rest of the world" in terms of LGBT rights.

“I think that a lot of Japanese people became more aware of LGBTQ issues because of what Biden tweeted,” Yokoyama explained. “It did make me feel like Japan is lagging behind the rest of the world … but I’m happy to see Japanese society make progress, however that happens.”


Gaywaves Inducted Into Sounds Of Australia


Credit: Australian Government.

Gaywaves, Sydney's first gay and lesbian radio station, has been admitted into the NFSA Sounds of Australia for the year 2021.

The groundbreaking LGBT radio program was among 10 sound recordings added to the collection, which also featured the National Apology to the Stolen Generations and the most popular Australian song of the decade.

According to the Star Observer, Gaywaves began broadcasting in November 1979, while homosexuality was still illegal in Australia, and ended in 2005.

The half-hour pre-recorded show, created by an independent gay and lesbian collective, was the first broadcast on Wednesday nights as a half-hour pre-recorded program.

“For a show like Gaywaves to be acknowledged in Australian history is a great example of social change. Before all this, gays and lesbians were largely invisible, but now we are living more openly, and our history is being celebrated,” said Greg Reading, one of the volunteers heavily involved in the production of Gaywaves.


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