This week read about a gay teen writing a letter to his neighbors pleading for help in escaping his homophobic father, and "boys' love" dramas blooming in China despite LGBT topics remaining taboo.

Boys’ Love Television Dramas Dance Around LGBT Censors In China

Despite the fact that China decriminalized homosexuality in 1997, same-sex marriage remains illegal, and LGBT topics remain taboo.

According to the South China Morning Post, “boys' love” adaptations are blooming, with streaming giants like Youku and Tencent Video screening them. This is mostly due to demand from straight women and their rising interest in a more sensitive kind of masculinity.

Authorities have stepped up their crackdown on “illegal” online writing, suppressing information judged too risqué for Chinese audiences. An author was sentenced to 10 years in jail in 2018 for authoring and distributing obscene publications.

“Sexual content in [same-sex] web novels has reduced since authorities embarked on cyberspace clean-ups and platforms introduced review and report mechanisms,” said Lianonin University lecturer Meijiadai Bai to the South China Morning Post. “The rise of ‘boys’ love’ content suggests the on-screen industry is aware of young women’s consumption power.”

Brazilian Teen Writes To Neighbors For Help Escaping Homophobic Father


Photo via PxHere.

A homosexual boy in Brazil penned a heartfelt letter to his neighbors pleading with them to save him from his supposedly bigoted father, urging them to call the cops.

According to Pink News, neighbors watched the father beating his son after getting the letter and reported the violent episode to the authorities. In the clip, the father is heard threatening to "murder" his kid.

According to the police who arrived at the scene in Jataí, the teenager had abrasions on his body.

Paula Daniela Ruza, a police spokesperson, claimed the father told officers he "doesn't care" that his son is homosexual and that the incident occurred because he saw his son "accessing pornographic videos on his cell phone."

According to Pink News, the teen was taken to an aunt’s house and will undergo counseling. An investigation was launched into the incident, and the police will be gathering information from neighbors and analyzing the letter.