Malaysian police raided an LGBT Halloween party and arrested 20 people, and activists protested at the FIFA Museum to fight for LGBT rights in Zurich.

Authorities Raid LGBT Halloween Party In Malaysia

Malaysian religious cops broke up a massive LGBT Halloween party and detained 20 individuals for cross-dressing and for inciting immorality.

Numan Afifi, an activist who was detained at the rally in Kuala Lumpur, called the raid "traumatizing and harrowing."

“About 40 religious officers backed by the police came into the venue with some 1,000 participants, and they stopped the music and dance,” he told Alarabiya News.

According to Afifi, officials segregated partygoers into two groups: Muslims and people of other religions.

Following that, 20 Muslims were escorted to the Islamic Religious Department of the Federal Territories, where "our identity details were recorded."





LGBT Activists Protest At FIFA Museum In Zurich


Screenshot via Guardian Football, YouTube.

A few dozen individuals demonstrated in front of the FIFA Museum in Zurich to advocate for the LGBT community's rights before the World Cup, which will be hosted by the Gulf state of Qatar.

According to Channel News Asia, some soccer players have expressed worry over the rights of supporters traveling to the game, particularly LGBT people and women, whom rights groups claim are discriminated against under Qatari regulations.

The protest was organized by the All Out organization, which stated that the goal was to "make sure FIFA and Qatar know the world is watching and that citizens around the world expect action."

All Out urges FIFA to put pressure on Qatar to decriminalize same-sex relationships and safeguard the LGBT population, claiming that FIFA has not publicly committed to tangible actions to secure the safety of LGBT football fans, homosexual players, and the local LGBT community.