This week read about a prison releasing two transgender women who were convicted of "attempted homosexuality" in Cameroon, and a supermarket chain regretting being LGBT-inclusive in one of its ads in Russia.

Jailed Trans Women In Cameroon To Be Released

Two transgender women in Cameroon who were convicted of "attempted homosexuality" in May were ordered freed from prison on Tuesday, according to their lawyer.

According to Reuters, on Feb. 8, Shakiro and Patricia were detained for donning women's clothes in a restaurant. Shakiro is a Cameroonian star with thousands of social media followers, adding to the case's visibility.

Human rights advocates in Cameroon have criticized their arrests and convictions as part of the country's rising criminalization of sexual minorities and transgender persons.

"They are going to leave this prison hell where they don't belong and where they risk extreme violence every day,” said Alice Nkom, who represents the two women. "We are not going to stop there. We must explain to people that a court must never again convict LGBT people in this way."




Supermarket Chain In Russia Regrets Acting LGBT-Inclusive


 The advertisement in question. Image via

VkusVill, a prominent Russian food market chain, ran an advertisement called “Family Happiness Recipe,” which featured a family that included several lesbian women.

According to Human Rights Watch, the ad was posted with an 18+ warning to avoid liability under Russia’s “anti-gay propaganda” law, emphasizing that not talking about real families would be an “act of hypocrisy.”

The supermarket chain later released an apology following a barrage of hate messages and boycott threats from customers, and even some local politicians.

“The item, which had been posted here, seriously hurt the feelings of many of our customers, staff, and providers,” the apology stated. “We regret this happened and consider the publication a mistake of ours, and a manifestation of the unprofessionalism of several staff members.”