A man has been charged with the murder of a non-binary lesbian in Kenya, and the dispute over gender-neutral bathrooms threatens the meeting in Peru with the Organization of American States.

Man Charged With Murder Of Kenyan Sheila Lumumba

In connection with the violent murder of Sheila Lumumba in Kenya, a man has been accused.

Lumumba, a 25-year-old non-binary lesbian, was discovered dead at their house days after they had supposedly been raped, beaten, and killed by a group of male attackers, local media source K24 TV reported at the time.

A recent report from the post-mortem revealed that Lumumba had been raped, stabbed repeatedly in the chest, face, neck, and eyes, and on the head with a blunt instrument. This information was provided to openDemocracy by a family member. Their broken limb was one of their legs.

In Karatina town, Nyeri County, a guy was charged in court.

He was charged with the aggravated assault and murder of Lumumba. 




Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Dispute Threatens Org. of American States Meeting In Peru


 SFGN file photo.

Peru's plans to host the next meeting of the main decision-making body of the Organization of American States are in jeopardy due to a disagreement over a gender-neutral restroom.

The anticipated General Assembly of foreign ministers from around the hemisphere, which is set to take place from Oct. 5–7, was denied a license by a vote in Peru's socially conservative-dominated congress.

César Landa, the foreign minister of Peru, urged MPs to change their minds. "This seriously damages the international image of Peru," he said, and argued that the request would not create "future international obligations."

The director of Peru's Foreign Relations Commission, Congressman Ernesto Bustamante of the conservative Popular Front party, claimed that establishing a gender-neutral restroom will ultimately "bring the presence of trans bathrooms and neutral bathrooms and communal toilets in Peru's internal law."