Kenyans are outraged by the murder of a non-binary lesbian named Sheila Lumumba, and an LGBT network in Peru hosted a wedding for three same-sex couples.

Murder of Lesbian Citizen Upsets Kenyans

Human rights organizations are urging Kenyan authorities to investigate the death of a non-binary lesbian, which has caused the hashtag #JusticeForSheila to spread on social media. 

According to BBC News, Sheila Lumumba's body was discovered a few days ago. 

In Kenya, where homosexual intercourse is banned, death has sparked an online debate about LGBT rights. 

Members of the LGBT community in Kenya experience persecution and stigma on a regular basis, and efforts to decriminalize homosexual sex have been unsuccessful. 

Lumumba's body was discovered when their coworkers at a hospitality firm noted their absence days after they went missing. 

Kenyans who identify as LGBT or who support LGBT people have gone to social media to expose the injustice they suffer.

The motive for Lumumba's murder has yet to be identified by police.

Peruvian LGBT Couples Celebrate Symbolic Wedding


Photo collage by JP, via Adobe & Rawpixel.

In Lima, Peru's capital, the Peruvian Network of Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People hosted a symbolic wedding for three couples. 

According to Republic World, the pair said "I do" in a tiny ceremony that advocated for equal rights for LGBT couples. 

In Peru, LGBT couples do not have the same civil rights as heterosexual couples.

Because the state does not recognize same-sex partnerships, couples do not have access to inheritance, insurance, or pensions.

Political support for gay marriage has been mixed, but many officials are afraid of offending the Catholic church if they endorse same-sex marriage. 

LGBT groups have urged the authorities to separate the church's viewpoint from the state's duty.

President Pedro Castillo has stated that he opposes same-sex marriage and that LGBT issues "are not a priority" for him.