This week read about Georgians protesting after Alexander Lashkarava was found dead after many activists were beaten up in Tbilisi, and Laurel Hubbard being the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics.

Georgians Protest Over Death Of Journalist During Attack On Activists

A cameraman was found dead after several journalists were assaulted during attacks on LGBT activists in Tbilisi. Hundreds of people gathered in the streets of Georgia's capital on Sunday to demand that those guilty be punished.

According to Reuters, Alexander Lashkarava, a cameraman who was beaten up in the event, was found dead at his house by his mother on Sunday. The cause of death was not disclosed. 

Human rights advocates in Georgia are horrified over Lashkarava's killing and have accused authorities of emboldening hate groups and neglecting to protect journalists and LGBT sympathizers.

"What happened is a tragedy and I send my condolences to the entire media community and to all of Georgia," said Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili in a tweet. "It must be investigated and those responsible must be punished."


First Trans Athlete To Compete at the Olympics


Photo via Pixabay.

Laurel Hubbard is set to be the first openly transgender athlete ever to compete at the Olympics, but her inclusion has sparked a heated discussion about gender, sexism, and sport.

According to CNN International, to this New Zealand weightlifter’s supporters, Hubbard’s selection is a long-awaited milestone that represents the Olympic spirit of inclusiveness and might encourage other transgender athletes who are underrepresented in sport at all levels.

Hubbard's critics, notably Piers Morgan, a conservative British shock jock, believe that being a transgender woman, or a woman who was designated male at birth, provides her an unfair physical edge. Hubbard's inclusion was even dubbed "a bad joke" by one of her rivals, who said it was unfair to cisgender women, whose gender identity matched their sex given at birth.

Hubbard has been silent about the uproar, but stated that she's been "humbled by the love and support" she's received from her fellow citizens in a brief statement.