An LGBT event was canceled due to Taiwan wanting its name dropped from it, and Joe Locke criticized Isle Of Man for banning gay men from donating blood.

Global LGBT Event Canceled Following Demands From Taiwan

Following a request from international organizers that Taiwan's name is dropped from the 2025 event, a worldwide LGBT meeting that was scheduled to take place in Taiwan has been canceled.

Taiwan attributed the cancellation of the WorldPride 2025 Taiwan to "political issues," claiming that the event's organizers had insisted on the term "Taiwan" being dropped from the title.

Taiwan takes part in international competitions like the Olympics under the name "Chinese Taipei" to avoid political conflicts with China, which sees the democratically-run island as part of its territory and takes offense to any suggestion that it is a separate state.

Kaohsiung, a city in southern Taiwan, was slated to host the WorldPride 2025 Taiwan event after winning the bid from the international LGBTQ rights organization InterPride.

“After careful evaluation, it is believed that if the event continues, it may harm the interests of Taiwan and the Taiwan gay community. Therefore, it is decided to terminate the project before signing the contract,” the Kaohsiung organizers said to Al Jazeera.

Joe Locke Speaks Out Against Isle Of Man’s Blood Donation Regulation


 Photo via Kit Conner, Facebook.

Joe Locke, actor in the film “Heartstopper,” has criticized the “archaic” regulation on the Isle of Man prohibiting gay males from donating blood.

The 18-year-old actor became well-known this year after he starred in the critically acclaimed “Heartstopper” series on Netflix, which is based on the same-named webcomics.

He and his co-stars, who also included Yasmin Finney and Kit Connor, instantly rose to the status of LGBT superstars and are now utilizing their newfound influence to further the cause of equality.

According to Metro, young actor Locke has now appeared in Manx Pride, the Isle of Man's celebration of the LGBT community, after the cast recently participated in London Pride.

The Manx native took his opportunity to speak to the crowd through a video link to protest the law that prohibits gay males from donating blood.