This week read about two men kissing on live TV in Singapore, and LGBT groups demanding the UN to revoke the status of rights watchdog in the United Kingdom.

Gay Kiss Evades Singapore’s LGBT Content Ban

It was a Singaporean news report on the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, broadcast live from a Beijing pub packed with excited spectators. However, it was two males who surged into the camera's view, enjoying a spectacular kiss, who stole the show.

The video has subsequently gone viral in Singapore, where broadcasting laws prohibit programming that promotes LGBT "lifestyles" and where male sexual interactions are illegal.

According to The Guardian, the kiss is not mentioned in a version of the report published on the website of Channel News Asia (CNA). However, a video of the kiss has been seen over 825,000 times on TikTok. "This is actually an act of revolution," one person said. It has also been extensively shared on Weibo, a prominent Chinese social media network.

Many people have been drawn to the expression provided by one of the men who poses directly to the camera after the kiss.



LGBT Organizations Ask UN To Revoke Status Of Rights Watchdog


 Photo via Adobe.

A coalition of 20 LGBT organizations has petitioned the United Nations to abolish Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission's registration (EHRC).

A 19-page proposal to the UN, sparked by the EHRC's stance on trans rights, calls for the EHRC's independent status to be examined.

According to GB News, LGBT organizations slammed the EHRC after it stated that measures to amend Scotland's gender recognition law needed "further study."

Scottish Government officials have proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act to make it simpler for people to alter their legally recognized gender, with a bill due to be introduced this year at Holyrood.

“The EHRC is calling for further delays to legislation that our communities have been waiting on for many years,” a spokesperson for Stonewall, a leading LGBT group who is a signatory on the submission to the UN, said.


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