This week read about a hairstylist named Mykey O'Halloran receiving death threats for painting his home to the colors of the rainbow, and HIV drugs becoming scarce and causing lives to be at risk in Kenya.

Gay Man Threatened For Painting His Home Like A Rainbow

Hairstylist Mykey O'Halloran wanted to do something distinctive to his beige home after saving enough money to buy one on Phillips Island in Australia, so he went for rainbow colors, much to the chagrin of several of his new neighbors.

O’Halloran is the proud owner of Unicorn Manes, a salon that specializes in rainbow-like hair designs, so he thought it fitting that his house would reflect his work and himself.

“I had five men aggressively banging the front door, one threatening to kill me if I paint my house rainbow and calling me homophobic things like ‘you gay c***,’” O’Halloran recalled to Daily News.

Daily News reports that a fundraiser for O’Halloran raised nearly $8,000 that would benefit the Phillip Island Community and Learning Centre that is a non-profit that provides services to members of all ages.



HIV Drugs Run Short in Kenya as People Say Lives are at Risk


Photo via Facebook.

Kenyans infected with HIV complain their lives are in danger as a result of a lack of antiretroviral medications donated by the U.S. due to a disagreement between the U.S. relief agency and the Kenyan government.

According to AP News, the delayed arrival of drugs sent to Kenya late last year is due to the government slapping an $847,902 tax on the donation and the U.S. aid agency having "confidence" issues with the graft-tainted Kenya Medical Supplies Authority.

“We are assuring the nation that no patient is going to miss drugs. We have adequate stocks,” Kenya Medical Supplies Authority customer service manager Geoffrey Mwagwi said to AP News. According to Mwagwi, those drugs would cover two months.

By far the U.S. is the biggest donor to Kenya's HIV response.