This week read about The European Court of Human Rights rejecting discrimination in a cake case, and a marriage website starting to match LGBT couples in India.

Rights Court Rejects Gay Discrimination In Cake Case

In 2014, Gareth Lee requested a cake from a Belfast bakery with a pro-gay marriage statement, but the proprietors refused to make it. His allegation of discrimination was deemed inadmissible by the European Court of Human Rights eight years later.

According to Courthouse News Service, the Strasbourg-based court determined that Lee's case was doomed because it relied on Northern Ireland's anti-discrimination statute rather than the 1953 agreement that established the rights court. The ECHR determined the ruling would usurp the power of state courts.

Lee purchased the 36.50-pound ($49) cake from Daniel and Amy McArthur's Ashers Baking Company for an event commemorating International Day Against Homophobia.

Lee submitted a design depicting Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie and the statement "Support Gay Marriage" to the bakery. Though the order was initially accepted and paid for, two days later, the bakery contacted Lee and told him they would be unable to make his cake because they disagreed with the message.

Indian Marriage Site To Start Matching LGBT Couples


Photo via Adobe., one of India's most popular websites for singles looking for marriage, has announced that it will expand its services to include LGBT people.

Anupam Mittal, the company's founder and CEO, revealed the news in an interview with Business Insider. The ruling comes four years after the Indian Supreme Court decriminalized same-sex partnerships.

“We see ourselves as a platform for companionship and matchmaking … That could mean for different markets, different regions, different countries, different sexes,” Mittal said, according to Pink News.

Despite the fact that the move is an attempt to incorporate the LGBT community into larger Indian cultural standards, it has been met with opposition. The announcement elicited a wide range of reactions from Twitter users.

“Anything we do, we have to do with serious dating, finding a companion, or finding a life partner,” Mittal asserted.


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