This week read about a school in China telling a gay student to "deal with" the bullying, and a Canadian school education board ordered to reform after numerous scandals.

Canadian School’s Education Board Ordered to Make Reforms After Scandals

The B.C. education minister is ordering the Chilliwack education board to make reforms after an audit study sparked questions regarding its administration after many years of scandals, scrutiny, and concerns.

According to The Georgia Straight, since 2017, Barry Neufeld, Chilliwack school trustee since 1993, has made headlines for his questionable behaviors and opinions.

Neufeld has been the center of scandals for his stances on LGBT issues, questioning the gender identity of Canada’s chief public health officer, and using an ableist slur against journalists.

In 2018, Neufeld was the subject of two human rights lawsuits, and a Chilliwack resident has filed a lawsuit seeking Neufeld's removal for breaking conflict of interest regulations at a closed school board meeting in October.

Despite calls for B.C. Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside to fire the board, she issued a statement April 6 ordering the board to "take concrete steps to build a healthy, supportive, and inclusive school environment for all students."

"All students deserve to feel their education needs and well-being are supported at school, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or academic ability,” Whiteside said according to The Georgia Straight.

School in China Tells Bullied Gay Student To ‘Deal With It’


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At a school in China, a gay teenager was subjected to months of emotional and physical bullying, including multiple instances of sexual assault.

According to Asia One, the student, who chooses not to be identified, routinely asked for help from school administrators who simply told him to endure it.

"I am a homosexual. My dormmates bullied me. But the teachers asked me to put up with them and suggested I should drop out of the school," he wrote on an online student helpline forum, according to Asia One.

After leaving his school, the student tried to commit suicide and was later diagnosed with severe depression.

The eight bullies had to write self-criticism letters and transcribe rules for student behavior as a punishment.

The student hopes the eight bullies get the punishment they deserve, and he is planning on suing them.