This week read about Cameroonian feminist Bandy Kiki fighting with incarcerated transgender people, and LGBT discrimination ruining Eastern Europe's economy.

Cameroonian LGBT Feminist Fights With Incarcerated Trans People

Activist and social media influencer Bandy Kiki found it difficult to adjust to her safety in Britain after emigrating from Cameroon where publicly coming out as a lesbian could lead to prison time.

"My friends kept saying, 'Kiki, it's legal in this country, chill.' But I said, 'No, because sometimes the law will say one thing and the police will do something else,'" she told Reuters in an interview via Skype from Manchester.

Loic Njeukam, a local social media star known as Shakiro, and Roland Mouthe, who goes by the name Patricia, have been held in custody for more than two months as they await their trial.

The crackdown on Cameroon's LGBT community, according to Kiki, is only a symptom of a wider issue in Cameroonian culture.

"Homophobia is like a binding glue when it comes to Cameroonians," Kiki told Reuters. "When it comes to hating LGBTQ people, they all come together."


Eastern Europe’s Economy Damaged By LGBT Discrimination


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Discrimination towards members of the LGBT community has cost Eastern European countries almost 2% a year in economic growth.

Due to a lack of fair labor opportunities for LGBT citizens, as well as reasons such as increased insurance costs linked to HIV/AIDS and depression, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine lose billions of dollars per year, stated a report by Reuters.

These countries are also dealing with a "brain drain" of technical labor and finding it difficult to attract global investment, according to OFB, which is backed by Google and Microsoft as well as some accounting firms, such as PWC, EY and KPMG.

“Countries that are more open [in terms of LGBT+ rights] are generally speaking financially and economically in a much better place,” the report’s lead author George Perlov told Reuters.