Igor Benevenuto is the first FIFA-ranked referee to come out as gay, and Nigeria sentenced three LGBT men to death by stoning.

FIFA Referee Igor Benevenuto Comes Out

Igor Benevenuto of Brazil has come out as gay, making him the first FIFA-ranked referee to do so. 

By coming out as gay, the 41-year-old football referee hopes to encourage other LGBT athletes to be open about their sexuality. 

“Soccer was for men, and since an early age I knew I was gay … there was not a more perfect place to hide my sexuality,” Benevenuto told the Nos Armários dos Vestiários podcast

This year's FIFA World Cup is being held in Qatar, a country where LGBT people are subject to harsh laws. 

“I am 41, and 23 of those years have been dedicated to the whistle. Until today I’ve never been the real me. Gays are used to not being themselves,” said Benevenuto.





Three LGBT Men Sentenced To Stoning In Nigeria


Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash.

Three LGBT men were condemned to death by stoning by an Islamic sharia court in Nigeria. 

The men were found guilty of homosexual activity by a Ningi court in the northern state of Bauchi. 

Following their arrest in the village of Gwada, the force's commissioner Adam Dan Kafi told Reuters that a sharia court had accused the men. 

Judge Munka'ilu Sabo Ningi pronounced a death sentence against the three males, ages 20, 30, and 70. All of them "admitted" to their crimes while being unrepresented by attorneys. 

They were sentenced under section 134 of the 2001 Bauchi State Penal Law, which states, “Whoever commits the offence of sodomy shall be punished with death by stoning [rajim] or any other means decided by the state.”