George Soros gave an LGBT group in Colombia over $122,000, and the Islamic police arrested Muslims on suspicion of attending a same-sex marriage wedding.

Billionaire Bankrolled LGBT Group Calling For Expansion Of ‘Sex Worker’ Rights

Records reveal that a Colombian LGBT charity organization supported by the Biden administration and calling for the extension of "sex worker" rights in the violent nation has received thousands of dollars from left-wing billionaire George Soros.

According to the Washington Examiner, the State Department sent Fundacion Sentiido, which promotes prostitution, $16,000 in tax money. Records reveal that Soros' Open Society Foundations, a renowned liberal grantmaker, has also given over $122,000 to the same group, which is situated in Bogota, Colombia.

According to its website, Sentiido educates Colombians about "gender, sexual diversity, and social transformation" and writes articles about LGBT problems. Sentiido received a grant from the State Department in October that was intended to "provide tools, resources, and opportunities to support journalists and activists in Colombia and in Latin America" in order for them to better comprehend the "use of disinformation and gender-restrictive narratives against LGBTIQ and women's rights."

Islamic Police Detain Muslims on Suspicion of Attending Same-sex Marriage Wedding


 SFGN file photo.

Nineteen Muslims were detained by the Islamic police force in the largest city in northern Nigeria on suspicion of attending a same-sex marriage wedding.

According to BBC, the spokesperson Lawal Ibrahim Fagge, was a tip-off that led to the raid on the wedding in Kano.

He claimed that the pair, who had not yet exchanged vows, had managed to escape and that police were looking for them.

With a predominance of Muslims, Kano has both a secular legal system and an Islamic one.

In Nigeria as a whole, where residents of the north are predominately Muslims and those in the south are predominately Christians, homosexual activities are prohibited by both legal systems.

The Hisbah, a well-known Islamic police agency in Kano, upholds a rigid moral code.

The police did not aim to penalize the 15 male and four female wedding guests who were detained during the raid, according to Fagge.