French Politician Compares Gay Marriage Opponents to Terrorists

Marlene Schiappa. photo credit: Serge filk, via Flickr

Marlene Schiappa, the French Secretary of Equality for “women-men equality and against discrimination” said the anti-gay marriage movement in France has surged homophobic violence up 64 percent from last year.

She said the movement, called Manif pour tous, or The Protest for Everyone, had similar ideas as Islamic terrorism, as French people are dying as a result of both groups, according to Life Site News. 

“In France, gay bars have their windows broken, videos are shared on social media where you see couples being beaten up because they walk hand in hand. I don’t put the ‘Manif pour tous’ and Islamist terrorists on the same level, but I am underscoring that an ideological convergence does exist,” Schiappa said in an interview with a French conservative paper, Valeurs Actuelles.

Manif pour tous condemned her statement and demanded she apologize. She later wrote an apology on Twitter Feb. 22.