Camila Prins, 40, was selected out of dozens of models and TV celebrities to lead the Colorado do Brás samba school’s drum section. Prins is the first ever transgender woman to do so, according to HuffPost.

The leader of the section is called the “godmother.” As godmother, Prins’ job was to dance in the parade as the judges asses the drummer’s performance. Prins told HuffPost that as a child, she was allowed to dress as a girl to attend Carnival, and said she dreamed of being in the parade as a dancer. She said this is a step towards transgender visibility in many capacities in Brazil.

“Gorgeous women wanted to be here. I’m very excited because this shows we can be anywhere. We can be godmother of the drummers, we can be owners of a samba school,” Prins told The Associated Press before the parade. “Soon they will see many other transgender girls, who will find it easier than I did.”

Prins led Colorado do Brás to 11th place.