It may just be the best place to march for trans pride.

Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada voted to implement one of the first permanent transgender pride flag crosswalks. 

The blue, pink and white stripes are set to be painted on the streets after council members voted 8-1 for both the trans pride flag and an LGBT pride flag crosswalk, according to the Lethbridge Herald

“We’re going to be setting the standard for other cities — much, much bigger cities around the world — who have been debating and talking about maybe doing a transgender flag crosswalk,” said Vice Chair of Lethbridge Pride Fest Corbin Chenger. “And we very well might be one of the first cities to be putting this on. It’s a huge deal to us.”

The flags will first be temporarily painted on the crosswalk due to possible land redevelopment. The permanent flags will soon follow. 

“We want to be an inclusive Pride that is open and accepting to all members of the community, not just typically lesbian, gay and bisexual people, but also the (transgender people) who are often left out and forgotten at our events,” said Chenger. “So, for us it’s really important.”

The Lethbridge Pride Fest Society — which requested the crosswalks in the first place — are set to pay for the pride flag. They are also accepting donations for the estimated $13,000-$18,000 cost.

“Having a crosswalk … is not going to change the general public’s perception of the issues the trans population goes through,” said Council Member Rob Miyashiro. “What it does though, is it shows that we’re going to support the trans population in the fight that they’re having, and I appreciate that.”