Three days after the first gay married couple in Russia announced on Facebook that they got their passports stamped, the Russian authorities declared the papers invalid and that the couple would be fined.

Eugene Wojciechowski and Pavel Stotsko got married in Copenhagen, Denmark and returned to Russia, where a government employee in Moscow stamped their passport with official marriage confirmation, PinkNews reports.

Three days later, the government announced their passports were invalid and the couple would be fined for “intentionally damaging” them.

On Monday, police arrived at the couple’s apartment to try and break down their door. Cops blocked the exits, telling the couple they would be charged with resisting the police if they tried to leave without handing over their passports. They cut the lights and the power to the apartment for several hours.

Authorities also reportedly told the couple that they could not protect them if homophobes attacked them. That was a threat, Russian LGBT Network leader Igor Kochetkov told the Moscow Times.

Kochetkov said the couple has fled Russia and that the bureaucrat who confirmed the couple’s marriage by stamping their passports as such has been fired.