First Ever Pride Parade Takes Place In Stornoway, Scotland

Stornoway, a town in Hebrides in Scotland, held its first ever Pride parade on Oct. 6, with around 400 people attending.

“We want to show that it is okay to be different, that LGBT+ people do not have to be afraid to go public with their sexuality. That there is nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and anything in between,” Susanne Erbida, one of the Hebridean Pride organizers, told the Evening Express.

But church leaders in the Western Isles aren’t happy about it. They even made a last-ditch effort to stop the parade from happening, which failed.

Rev. Graeme Craig, Minister of Stornoway Free Church said the event is “sad and shameful,” according to Aberdeen Journals.

“The sooner society returns to recognising basic biology and promoting faithful, monogamous, heterosexual marriage, the more content people will be. Following our Maker’s instructions is always the wise thing to do,” he said.

But LGBT individuals still marched proudly through Stornoway, right past protesters, in the historic Pride parade.

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