Fiji Prime Minister: I Will Never Allow Gay Marriage

Frank Bainimarama. photo via stemoc, wikipedia

Frank Bainimarama, prime minister of Fiji, said same-sex marriage is “rubbish,” in 2016.

Then, last Sunday, Bainimarama said at a press conference that as long as he’s in office, he’ll never legalize gay sex because it’s against his Christian values, according to Pink News. He then apologized to the audience that the topic was even brought up. LGBT organizations in Fiji have condemned his statement.

“The LGBTQI community is already marginalised within our society and these comments made by someone in authority, such as the Prime Minister, are extremely dangerous and only exacerbate the existing discrimination against members of the LGBTQI community,” Fiji NGO Coalition on Human Rights chair Nalini Singh said, according to Pink News.

Same-sex couples and parents currently have no protections under Fiji law, according to Pink News.