Thousands of gay men are buying HIV prevention pills online because they can’t get them in England, HIV campaigners told the Thompson Reuters Foundation.

Unlike the U.S. and Kenya, England has yet to make the PrEP pill (an HIV preventative) available to the masses, Reuters reported. Studoes show the PrEP pill can cut the transmission rate of HIV by about 99 percent, but as of now, the pill is only available to gay and bisexual men in a part of a clinical trial. 

"This is a scandal," said Will Nutland, a doctor and co-founder of PrEPster, a group that advocates for England to offer the PrEP pill, according to Reuters. “We have a technology that is cheap, accessible, is effective and is cost-effective, yet we're still being denied full roll-out of this drug."

A U.K. public health survey found that of the current PrEP users in Britain, 37 percent bought the pills online, and only half took the necessary tests before taking the pill, Reuters reported.