One week after a retired U.S. Marine general told a Senate panel that the Dutch military was ineffective because it allowed openly gay soldiers, a group of those soldiers announced that they are going to sue for libel.

De Volkskrant, a national daily in the Netherlands, reported that gay Dutch soldiers are planning a lawsuit against Ret. Gen. John Sheehan, who caused an international storm of protest by blaming the presence of gay soldiers for the Dutch army’s failure to prevent the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica. The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Times broke the story.


The Pink Army foundation is rounding up at least seven gay Dutch soldiers to join the class action lawsuit, which would be filed in a federal court in California, de Volkskrant reported.

Pink Army will demand that Sheehan publish a full-page apology in the international press—and attend a course in sensitivity training.

Meanwhile, folks in the Netherlands are still furious over the outrageous comments.

The Dutch government, various political parties and military leaders immediately expressed anger and disgust with Sheehan’s remarks.

The Netherlands was the first country where gay soldiers could openly avow their homosexuality.

Homosexuals are equal in every area and have the same rights, duties and capabilities as other citizens in the Netherlands.

While the Pink Army wants to go to court with a lawsuit in California, they are seeking financial support to underwrite the expense. Contributors are encouraged to display the Pink Army logo on their Web site. Publisher Norm Kent said SFGN will do so.

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