After a security guard at a Mexican mall kicked out a gay couple for kissing, drag queens organized a “kiss-in” protest on March 1. About 100 protestors marched around the mall and stood in a circle as same-sex couples kissed in front of cameras, according to LGBT Nation.

The security guard said the kiss made customers uncomfortable, and it violated their policy against public displays of affection. But Jorge Anguiano, one of the boyfriends, challenged his claim, asking if he ever kicks out straight couples for kissing, LGBT Nation reported. Anguiano posted a video of the incident to Facebook, to turn the incident into a chance for visibility.

“It’s 2020 and there are still cases in which the guards continue to harass and intimidate gay couples for showing affection,” Anguiano wrote, according to LGBTQ Nation. “Every act that wants to repress us is an opportunity to make us visible and show that we are not alone.”