A drag queen at the Belfast Pride Festival sported her killer fashion sense — and a tiara dedicated to making a statement.

Queen Electra La Cnt received the tiara from a consenting HIV-positive donor through a qualified doctor.
The blood was extracted, placed on the tiara, left to dry and sprayed with plastic sealant to prevent dripping from the rain.
“I’ve witnessed the abuse that HIV-positive friends of mine have received on online dating apps and the stigma is definitely still there,” La Cnt told The Huffington Post. “There’s confusion over how HIV is transmitted, which leads to assumptions, and hatred.”
La Cnt was inspired by Australian magazine Vangardist, which mixed HIV-positive blood with ink in a special edition.
“It was bold, it was effective, but it was so meaningful. The message behind it was simple: fight the stigma.”
The drag queen took to Facebook to express her message of stopping HIV-plus stigma.
“I am fully aware that heterosexual HIV-positive individuals outweigh the number of HIV-positive homosexual people in the UK now,” she said. “But in the light of the decision regarding the NHS funding PrEP, our community are once again labelled as sexual deviants amongst the media who regard it as a ‘gay disease’, and heterosexual HIV-positive individuals as innocent victims – we are all innocent victims. Please do not let this dilute the power of educating yourself and others on the irrational fears surrounding HIV transmission.”
Unfortunately, not all responses were positive — some people reached out and attacked the blood donor. The donor posted these messages on Facebook.
“You are a vile disgusting cunt,” one person hatefully wrote to the blood donor via What’s App. “Who the fuck does that? She is stupid and ur diseased… U deserve to be eradicated from this planted … You will get what is coming to you.”