Denmark Cuts Tanzania’s Funds After Commissioner’s Homophobic Comments

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Tanzania’s had a notoriously homophobic past couple of months, with the commissioner of its largest city asking citizens to report gay people to the cops.

And Denmark’s minister for development and cooperation, Ulla Tornaes isn’t having it. She’s withholding 65m krone, or $9.8 million from the Tanzanian government for an unnamed commissioner's homophobic comments, according to BBC.

"I am very concerned about the negative development in Tanzania. Most recently the totally unacceptable homophobic statements from a commissioner," Tornaes said on Twitter. "I have therefore decided to withhold DKK 65m in the country. Respect for human rights is crucial for Denmark."

Denmark is one of Tanzania’s largest aid donors.

Paul Makonda, the commissioner of Dar es Salaam, said he expected his allies to be mad for asking to report gay people to the police.

"I prefer to anger those countries than to anger God," he said.

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