Conservative Gay Drag Queen Storytime Protestor Dies By Suicide

Wilson Gavin (right). image via YouTube

Wilson Gavin, 21 died by suicide in Brisbane, Australia Monday Jan. 13. Gavin was a gay conservative who protested Drag Queen Story Hour, saying “drag queens are not for kids,” the Advocate reported.

Gavin, a University of Queensland student and Liberal National Club member, was active in the 2017 fight against same-sex marriage, according to the Advocate. The Australian, a conservative paper, ran the headline “Drag Queen Protestor Wilson Gavin’s Suicide Exposes Horrors of Online Abuse,” but one queer progressive took to Twitter to voice compassion.

“I don't know why he campaigned against SSM. I don't know why he was so angry at a drag queen. I don't know why he took his life,” Sally Rugg, an LGBT activist from Sydney wrote. “But I wish he was still here so he could have found us all. We would love him and forgive him. We do love him and forgive him.”