An anti-LGBT group infiltrated a Canadian Pride festival last month and is now facing consequences for those actions.

Dressed as “gay pothead zombies,” a group led by notorious homophobe Bill Whatcott marched in July’s Toronto Pride Parade. Dressed in tight fitting green unitards, the group handed out “information packets” linking gay sex to physical and emotional dangers as well as serious diseases such as anal warts and AIDS.
“As a long time gay activist I am outraged that a notorious homophobe infiltrated our pride parade in order to spread his lies and distribute his pamphlets,” said Christopher Hudspeth at a news conference announcing a class action lawsuit seeking $104 million in damages from Whatcott.
Hudspeth, owner of Toronto gay bar Pegasus on Church, told reporters “Pride needs to be a safe place for everyone. We put up with enough homophobic messaging every day. We deserve a homophobic free zone at our pride parade.”
Whatcott responded to the lawsuit, giving an interview to, a website that among other things “understands that abortion, euthanasia, cloning and homosexuality and all other moral, life and family issues are all interconnected in an international conflict affecting all nations, even at the most local levels.”
“Our delivery was a bit creative, but we wanted to give people this message because it is truthful,” Whatcott told the website.
Former Deputy Premier George Smitherman joined Hudspeth on the lawsuit, claiming Whatcott intentionally sought to afflict mental suffering and defamation.