An artist from Shenzhen is protesting conversion therapy in China, by going to conversion therapy himself.

Wu Qiong, 28, organized a series of protests to drive three trucks to hospitals that still offer conversion therapy last weekend, according to South China Morning Post. On the sides, they read, “Treating a ‘disease’ that doesn’t exist,” “Chinese classification of mental disorders still includes ‘sexual orientation disorder,’” and “For 19 years, why?”

He also has associates in surrounding cities protesting in other ways. One artist, Nut Brother, opened a clinic offering to turn straight people gay.

“There are more than 100 clinics that claim to convert homosexuals, but not a single one that converts heterosexuals,” Brother told South China Morning Post.

 Both of their demonstrations have received attention online, with the truck protests getting seven million views, and the clinic being searched hundreds of times.