The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has teamed up with Chilean LGBT activist group Fundación Iguales to create a survey gauging how LGBT-friendly Chilean workplaces are.

The survey looks at nondiscrimination policies, diverse employee resource groups, and pro-LGBT public activities. The survey is the second of its kind introduced to South America, with Mexico being evaluated last year.

“As we have seen in the U.S. and Mexico, more corporations identify LGBT inclusion as a fundamental value that provides a competitive business edge and greater economic impact,” HRC Foundation’s Workplace Equality Program Director Deena Fidas said.

Many companies agree with this sentiment, including the $38 billion business consultant company Deloitte.

“In the same way that companies have tried to strengthen their work environment and the levels of employee satisfaction, implementing LGBT-inclusive benchmarks reflects a reality that is relevant for new generations of professionals,” Chile’s Regional Managing Partner Ricardo Briggs said.

The HRC’s efforts reach more than 14.5 million employees, its website reported.