The Privy Council of the United Kingdom sided with Bermuda's government on Monday, declaring that the Cayman Islands' Constitution prohibits gays from marrying. 

The judgment comes after a decision by the local Supreme Court to legalize homosexual marriage.

Colors Caribbean, an activist group deeply involved in the ruling, has been fighting for Caymanians to have the same rights as married different-sex couples. The Cayman Islands government has refused to grant these rights to same-sex couples.

The case was subsequently moved to The Privy Council after the local Supreme Court's judgment.

The Privy Council has jurisdiction over the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, and same-sex marriage is not permitted.

“It would seem to me that everyday life in our community was not affected by Civil Partnership legislation. But it is important to those who have entered into Civil Partnerships. We owe it to all to create a safe environment for people to be who they want to be,” said the Governor of the Cayman Islands Martyn Keith Roper.




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