British Supermarket Receives Backlash Over Gay Sandwich Sales

the lgBt at m&s. Credit: David white, via Twitter.

Marks and Spencer, a British grocery store, has come under fire from customers for selling a “gay sandwich.”

The sandwich, a BLT sold in celebration of Pride 2019, drew attention on Twitter, as users accused the grocery store of “pink-washing,” according to NY Daily News. But because the proceeds go to LGBT charities, other users are supporting Marks and Spencers, saying critics should direct their attention elsewhere.

“It’s great to see an organization doing things like this while also providing financial support to LGBT charities. Please, find the real demons to kick off about. My issue is the people kicking off are the ones who are usually silent on bigger topics/vocal on topics they should really keep quiet about,” one user said, according to NY Daily News.

Some of the proceeds from the sandwich will be donated to AKT, the national LGBTQ Youth Homelessness charity.