Reynhard Sinaga, a 36-year-old student from Indonesia, was sentenced to life in prison on Monday Jan. 6 for attacking nearly 200 young men living in Manchester. The Guardian reported that Sinaga filmed the offenses, 136 of them being rapes.

Sinaga drugged men he met at a club near his apartment and raped them while they were unconscious, the Guardian reported. Many of the men didn’t even know they’d been attacked. The north-west deputy chief crown prosecutor, Ian Rushton called Sinaga the “most prolific rapist in British legal history.”

“You are an evil serial sexual offender who preyed on young men who came into the city centre wanting nothing more than a good night with their friends. One of the victims in their victim personal statement described you as a monster,” Judge Suzanne Goddard said of Sinaga.

Sinaga must serve 30 years before he’ll be considered for parole, but Goddard said he should never be released.