Brazilian President Cancels NYC Trip

Jair Bolsonaro. Credit: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

President Jair Bolsonaro canceled his trip to New York City for an award ceremony after a petition to scrap the event over his anti-LGBT history received 65,000 signatures.

Bolsonaro was set to receive the Person of the Year Award from the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce. But openly gay West Side State Sen. Brad Hoylman created the petition, putting pressure on the venue and sponsors to pull out of the event, according to Gay City News. 

“We took on the homophobic president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro and we won,” Holyman said on Twitter on May 3, according to Gay City News. “The only award that Jair Bolsonaro deserves is Bigot of the Year. We ran him out of town.”

Bolsonaro has previously said he’d rather have a dead son than a gay one, and has a tendency to make anti-LGBT, misogynistic, and racist comments, according to The Guardian.