Brazil to Expand LGBT Protections Following Increased Attacks

SFGN File Photo

After self-proclaimed proud homophobe Jair Bolsonaro was elected as Brazilian president, reports of crimes against LGBT people have tripled.

On Thursday, Brazil’s highest court took steps to protect LGBT individuals from discrimination, according to the Washington Post. A majority of the court voted to find it unconstitutional to leave sexuality and gender out of Brazil’s anti-discrimination laws. 

“It is a decisive win for the LGBT community,” Flavio Grossi, a criminal defense lawyer who represents LGBT clients said, according to The Post. “LGBT people are scared. I have seen an increase in clients reporting instances of physical aggression, hate crimes and racism.”

Once the sixth person on the 11-member court voted in favor of the protections, the vote was suspended until June 5, when the rest of the court is expected to issue the ruling.