In a press conference with President Trump at the White House last Tuesday, Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s proudly homophobic president, said both the U.S. and Brazil are against LGBT people.

Bolsonaro visited Trump to show he isn’t “anti-U.S.” like presidents before him, according to a press release. But he also said that both the U.S. and Brazil are on board with ending “gender ideology,” a catch all term for expanding the rights of women and LGBT people, according to Slate.

“Brazil and the United States stand side by side in their efforts to share liberties and respect to traditional and family lifestyles, respect to God, our creator, against the gender ideology of the politically correct attitudes, and fake news,” Bolsonaro said in the press conference.

Bolsonaro has said in the past he would rather have a dead son then a gay one, and his anti-LGBT platform was a selling point in his election.