President Jair Bolsonaro’s win was a grave day for Brazilian LGBT individuals. Not only did the former army captain actively come out against LGBT rights, but he’s now going after gender and sexuality education in schools.

Bolsonaro is pushing against teachers talking about “gender ideology,” a term describing gender, sexual orientation, and political views, in schools, The Economist reported. Bolsonaro says that “liberal” teachers are too partisan, and the conservative administration wants to promote “pluralism.”

 But some critics of the movement say the goal is to end tolerance of feminism, gay people, and the left in general, according to The Economist.

 Bolsonaro and the movement, called Escola sem Partido (School without Party, or ESP), are supposedly trying to promote objectivity in the classroom. But during his campaign, Bolsonaro accused the federal government of promoting “homosexuality and promiscuity” in schools.