Bandits Make Off With $60,000 in Largest Sex Toy Heist Ever

A London company was victim to one of the largest recorded sex toy heists last week in Berlin.

Fun Toys London had over $60,000 worth of butt plugs and dildos stolen during the Venus erotic trade fair on Oct. 18 according to GayStarNews. The bandits allegedly struck while the products were being loaded into a truck following the show.

“It turned out that ALL the FT products worth over 50.000 euros had been stolen,” Fun Toys said in a Facebook post. “Only the brochures, bags and two boxes with testers were left.”

Fun Toys said in their statement that they have filed a report with the police, but had yet to get any of the surveillance footage from event organizers. They also asked people to be on the lookout for the unauthorised sale of their toys from non-approved distributors.

“Since the sex toys are specific product, further sale by the thieves is quite difficult,” Fun Toys said in their Facebook post Please inform us if you receive an offer to purchase FT goods from an unauthorized seller.”

According to the company, no test toys went missing during the trade show. The bandits are still at large as of publication time.


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