A University of Queensland study found that individuals that hate LGBT people often have less cognitive ability.

The study, which was published in the journal Intelligence, looked at over 11,654 Australian people, according to LGBTQ Nation. Researchers put subjects through three cognition tests and asked if gay people should have equal rights.

“Despite the significance and contemporaneity of the subject matter, few studies have specifically addressed the links between cognitive ability and attitudes towards LGBT issues,” said study author Francisco Perales to PsyPost.

Researchers revealed that people who held beliefs that LGBT people should not have equal rights had worse test results, especially in the verbal ability portion of the test.

“Altogether, the findings provide clear evidence that cognitive ability is an important precursor of prejudice against same-sex couples,” Perales said.

The research also found that cognitive ability and education also affected the level of homophobia a person has. They made a recommendation that education could be used to combat prejudices that people may have against LGBT people.