With Australia waiting for a decision on the marriage equality mail ballot initiative, right-wing politicians said they would fight any measure approving that equality.

In less than 24 hours, the result of the marriage law postal survey will be revealed. Australian Senator James Paterson will introduce a bill overriding any protections that same-sex couples would receive at the state or territory level, according to Pink News. The proposed bill would allow those with a religious objection to refuse same-sex weddings.

This comes after 49 percent of Australians polled by Lonergan Research said that service providers, such as a baker making their wedding cake, should be able to deny service to LGBT patrons for religious reasons. Only 35 percent said they should have the same right as straight individuals.

Over 13 million Australians have cast their vote in the ballot initiative, making up over 78 percent of eligible voters. According to Galaxy Research, 66 percent of voters who have returned ballots voted yes.

The ballot is an advisory effort for the Australian officials, who would vote based off the ballots. The Liberal party in Australia would attempt to tag bills undermining the approval of same-sex marriage when the bill is placed up to vote.

Any proposal put onto table until both houses in the Australian government return on Nov. 27. The will stay in session until a break for Christmas.