Australian Officials Rethink Proposed Ban On Poppers

 The Therapeutic Goods Administration has proposed a ban on poppers, which would criminalize an estimated 90,000 LGBT individuals.

Alkyl nitrites, or poppers as they’re more commonly known, are used during receptive anal sex. After LGBT health advocates warned the administration they were discriminating against gay and bisexual individuals, they are consulting officials on whether the ban is appropriate, according to The Guardian.

They cited the benefits of using poppers, their use as sex aids do to their muscle relaxing properties, as the risks of use.

Vincent Cornelisse, a physician, and Daniel Reeders, an advocate, argued the ban could stigmatize the use of the drug with health professionals, and promote the use of other illegal drugs.

“Men who currently use poppers for more adventurous sexual encounters might consider illicit drugs for the same purposes – with greater risks of overdose and dependence,” Cornelisse said.

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