Australian Officials Ask Gay Asylum Seekers if They Swallow Semen

Via Flickr, Takver

In an interview to receive their Australian visas, a gay Bangladeshi couple seeking asylum were asked personal questions about their sex lives, including if they swallow each other’s semen.

Buzzfeed uncovered a list of questions they were asked in the 2012 interview, supposedly to establish whether they were in a relationship. Australian authorities ended up denying their visa request.

The immigration officer asked questions like “Why was drinking his cum a problem?” and “Did he ejaculate...And then oral sex was given to you. Did you come?”

 The Australian Refugee Review Tribunal overturned the officer’s decision to deny their requests, saying the questioning was “intrusive” and “very intimate.” But Anna Brown, with Equality Australia, told BuzzFeed this wasn’t an isolated incident.

“Ridiculously, there have been instances where gay people have been tested on their knowledge of Oscar Wilde or particular gay nightclubs on Oxford Street, and applicants have felt compelled to produce footage of sexual encounters to prove their claim,” Brown said.