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An Australian man claimed he would out his match on Grindr unless he paid him nearly a thousand dollars.

Timothy Ruge threatened the anonymous man this past March, according to PinkNews. He asked for $1,300 Australian Dollars ($977.63 U.S. Dollars) and told the man to meet him at the Southern Cross train station in Melbourne, Australia.

“Unfortunately, episodes of blackmailing are still far too common, especially in countries where the State itself seems to encourage human rights violations with laws that criminalise consensual sexual behaviour,” an International Lesbian and Gay Association spokesperson said to PinkNews.

Closed-Circuit Television cameras showed Ruge waiting at the station for the drop.

Ruge appeared at court on his own behalf and said the incident involved "unfortunate circumstances,” according to 9News. He was formally charged with blackmail during the initial court appearance.

Ruge will return to court on July 23 with legal representation.

This is not the first time a user has tried to blackmail others on Grindr who are not out. British man Liam Hull was sentenced to two years in jail after blackmailing other users and receiving thousands of pounds, according to PinkNews.

Some of Hull’s victims included married men.