A mural of deceased singer George Michael in Sydney, Australia was vandalized last week in the wake of the country’s mail-in vote on same sex marriage.

Vandals threw eggs and wrote homophobic slurs on the the mural, according to LOGO’s NewNowNext. Jonny Seymour, the musician whose house the mural is painted on, said he didn’t want to take a picture and share the vandalism to “validate it.”

“Dear Saint George had a visit from the vandalising NO hopers,” Seymour’s band Stereogamous tweeted. “A dozen eggs plus graffiti. Feel sorry for the eggs. Washing their sins away.”

Seymour told Gay Star News that he reached out to senate with photos of the vandalism. Four volunteers also came to help clean up the mural, according to Seymour.

“Now they are our friends,” he tweeted. “Yep I’m crying (happy tears)”

According to News.com.au, 10.8 million Australians have already filled out the survey mailed out to vote on same sex marriage as of Oct. 13. A YouGov poll of 1054 adults reported 61 percent voted yes while 35 voted no.

“Australians have recognized how important this issue is to their family, friends and colleagues and are doubling down to ensure that when this campaign is over we are left with the fair, equitable and inclusive country that we all want,” The Equality Campaign’s Shirleene Robinson said.

The survey vote closes on Nov. 7.