Israel Folau, a rugby player who was kicked off the Rugby Australia team over a homophobic post, is asking for donations to a legal fund to contest his dismissal.

Folau, 30, a Christian, posted a photo that, among other things, says “hell awaits” homosexuals. He says his dismissal was illegal and religious descrimination, according to the BBC. Folau launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise about $2.1 million for his legal case.

"Every Australian should be able to practise their religion without fear of discrimination in the workplace," he says in the fundraising video, according to BBC. "Even people who don't share my beliefs have defended my right to uphold and express them. If you want to join this journey with me, to fight for the right to freedom of religion, please donate."

The BBC says Folau could be suing Rugby Australia and Rugby New South Wales for around $7 million.