At least 10 Young Gay Men Allegedly Harassed By Same German Stalker

SFGN File Photo

Max, a 20-year-old gay German student, has been harassed by the same man for three years.

Max, whose last name was left out to protect the ongoing case, said the man was responsible for sending death threats, tormenting him on social media, and outing him to friends and family members, according to Buzzfeed News. And the District Attorney’s Office believes Max is one of at least 10 young gay men who have been harassed by the same stalker.

“I am still angry that he outed me to my dad,” he said, according to Buzzfeed News. “I never had the chance to tell him about it myself.”

The perpetrator was identified and arrested by police in 2016 after making a bomb threat. It still isn’t clear when Max’s stalker will stand trial, the municipal court spokesperson told Buzzfeed.