Asia’s First Queer Streaming Service Launches amid Gay Bans

image via Gagaoolala

GagaOOLala, deemed “Queer Netflix,” launched across Asia despite the bans on gay sex in some countries, according to Pink News.

Some Asian countries censor some films featuring gay sex, such as Malaysia. Founder Jay Lin said that because Taiwan legalised gay marriage, that opened the door for a streaming service ike GagaOOLala, Pink News reported. 

“One of the main impetuses for me to create GagaOOLala is to dispel a lot of the myths and misconceptions that a lot of people might have about LGBT people,” Lin said, according to Pink News. “We’re not all living really tragic lives — we’re entrepreneurs, we’re fathers.”

Almost 280,000 people have already subscribed to GagaOOLala. Most are LGBT people, and some straight women, Pink News reported.