A UK supreme court rules against trans dad, and Playboy México features first trans woman on the cover.

In the UK, 34-year-old transgender man Freddy McConnell lost a legal battle to be registered as his child’s father on Monday, after a UK supreme court decision, the Guardian reported.

McConnell, a freelance reporter who works for the Guardian, began to transition through testosterone therapy in 2013 and 2014, and received a double mastectomy. He gave birth in 2018 after suspending hormone treatment, according to the article.

The high court ruled in September of 2019 that McConnell could not appear as the “father” on the birth certificate. An appeal court came to the same ruling in April of 2020.

The appeal court ruled in favor of the right of a child of a transgender parent to know the biological reality of the child’s birth over the parent’s right to be recognized by their legal gender, the Guardian reported. 

McConnell said he will bring his case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, the Guardian reported.


Photo via Victoria Volkova's Facebook.

Playboy México will feature the first transgender woman on the cover of its November / December issue, according to the Playboy website.

Victoria Volkova, 27, was born in Querétaro in central Mexico, NBC News reported. She spoke about her journey as a transgender woman in an Instagram post.

“I long hated my body and hated being a trans woman, as I thought that was what made me a less valuable person, less worthy of love, less ‘normal,’” Volkova wrote in the post. “But then I learned that the one that had to be accepted was myself before demanding that others accept me, because when you accept you first you stop mind what others think of you.”

Volkova has over 900,000 Instagram followers and more than one million YouTube subscribers, NBC News reported.

Volkova appeared on the list of Forbes Most Powerful Women in 2018.

“More programs are needed to educate people, to let them know that there is not only one family model, nor just two genders,” Volkova told Forbes.