Anti-trans Stickers Appear in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland has been the recent site of anti-transgender stickers posted in public places, and the Edinburgh University’s Students’ Association has started a campaign to remove them. 

The stickers are the work of trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) groups, and have phrases such as “Female is a biological reality. Not a feeling. Not an identity. Not a costume,” and “Women’s sex based rights are not for penises. Get Over It!” on them.

These TERF groups have been protesting the government’s current review of the Gender Recognition Act, which allows people to change their legal gender. The new provisions are looking to make the legal process easier by not requiring a medical “gender dysphoria” diagnosis, reported the HR Director. 

Other TERF protest methods include installing anti-trans billboards in major cities and interfering with the London Pride parade, reported PinkNews.

“Promotional materials such as these stickers serve to encourage the spread and mainstreaming of harmful ideas. This may encourage further acts of transphobia, including physical violence, but also more insidious forms such as blocking the advancement of trans rights or passing anti-trans legislation,” Elliot Byrom, an officer at Edinburgh University PrideSoc, said. 

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