American anti-gay pastor Lou Engle, known for his anti-gay rhetoric planned on visiting Geneva Switzerland as a guest at TheCall, Geneva, an event where people pray, fast, repent and participate in sacrificial worship.

Engle was scheduled to speak in Geneva for the event as founder of the original movement in Washington D.C. He cancelled his trip following a campaign by All Out, a 2-million member movement for global equality.

“Lou Engle and Scott Lively represent the anti-gay fringe of the U.S. evangelical movement,” said Andres Banks, Executive Director and co-founder of All Out, a 2 million-member global movement for love and equality”

Engle created the original TheCall in Washington D.C. after a woman came to him with $100,000 to “start something with the youth in prayer that’s going to change the destiny of the nation,” Engle said in a video.

Engle has been known for his support of Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ bill, which included the death penalty. He also said gays can choose to be heterosexual. Engle is also known for being anti-Muslim.

TheCall engages participants in a full day of worship with bands, singers and preachers, according to TheCall website. The participants are also asked to fast for 12 hours.

“This anti-gay strategy has worked in the past, and vulnerable LGBT populations have paid the highest price,” Banks said. “We will continue to work with fair-minded citizens across the globe to challenge violent rhetoric with a forceful message of love and equality.”